The Fake World

A new documentary was published in October 2018

Format: DVD
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes.
16:9 Widescreen
European PAL-system.

This film is in Swedish. English subtitles.

This DVD cost 30 euros or 32 dollars.

Please, pay the money to my bank account in Sweden:

IBAN: SE03 6000 0000 0003 7446 2682

account 374 462 682
In Svenska Handelsbanken (Skärholmen, Sweden), to Jüri Lina.


You can use PayPal as well.

This film shows our world in an unusual way, as correctly as possible.
It demolishes Soviet lies about Spanish children taken to the the Soviet Union during the Spanish Civil War.
It tells the story of white child slaves in America and Australia.
It exposes the origins of chemtrails.
It shows the truth about the relatively unkown intellegence of birds and animals.
It reaveals why US President James Polk stole California from Mexico and makes evident other secrets.