And as music producer Jüri Lina has published three CDs with beautiful music by Toivo Kurmet





Composed by Toivo Kurmet (16 February 1949 – 13 July 2003)
Arranged and performed by Toivo Kurmet and Attila Publik



Merlin’s Day

The Lost World




Ocean of Forgetfulness

Flying Away



Aphrodite Plays


Requiem (Kurmet / Publik)



Most composers lack the ability to create beautiful melodies, but the Estonian composer Toivo Kurmet was a master of the art.

This album contains Toivo Kurmet’s best work, which will enthral you and find its way into your heart. These wonderful compositions convey an important message: it is of utmost importance to show compassion to all living beings.


This collection is a celebration of Toivo Kurmet and his greate work. A serious illness stopped him from finishing the recording, which was completed by the Swedish keyboardist Attila Publik. The composer’s last musical piece called ”Requiem”, is the final composition in this collection.
Jüri Lina, publisher


The British music connaisseur George Steven has stated: ”Listening to the music of Toivo Kurmet seemed like a breath of fresh air. I am sure Estonians will be proud of it, and I think they will enjoy performing it. It is modern but not dissonant. It is immediately attractive, because it has a depth to it as well, so the attraction will not wear off. Having failed to meet him while I was in Estonia, I will now have to be content with meeting him by listening to his works.”


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A Selection from the Works of TOIVO KURMET


1. Spring Mirage (4:05) The Tallinn Chamber Ensemble

2. Clavichord (4:11) Attila Publik

3. The Blind All-Seeing Eye (4:30) Attila Publik

4. The Sadness of my Joy (9:10)  Toivo Kurmet

5. Falling Obelisks (4:13) Toivo Kurmet

6. Retrieved Sounds (2:08) Toivo Kurmet

7. The Labyrinth of Lies (2:12) Toivo Kurmet

8. Enchanted Vision(2:01) Toivo Kurmet

9. Poetry in the Heart(4:50)  Toivo Kurmet

10. Journey of Souls(1:55)  Toivo Kurmet

11. Sense of Summer (4:10) Toivo Kurmet

12. You were on my mind (4:57)  Attila Publik

13. Merry-land (4.06)  Attila Publik


This second collection by Toivo Kurmet once again embodies contain beautiful melancholic images, offering new experiences. These are transformed into grandiose colourful visions to the listener, bringing forth a surrealistic atmosphere.

The first piece, “Spring Mirage”, composed in Hamburg, Germany, is performed by the Tallinn Chamber Ensemble. The other works are performed by the composer or the Swedish keyboard player Attila Publik, respectively.


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In The Flow of Music

Melodies and Songs by Toivo Kurmet

This album of melodies and songs in English by the Estonian composer Toivo Kurmet contains recordings of muscians and singers from Sweden (Attila Publik, Lizette Pålsson, Pär Lindh), Germany (Renate), and Estonia (The Tallinn Chamber Ensamble, Urmas Alender), offering a varied impression of his work.

“I’ve heard Toivo Kurmet’s music… and it is good.’

Estonian composer and musicologist Valter Ojakäär. (Eesti Päevaleht,

February 23, 2008.)

The price is 20 euros


1. Enchanted Vision (arranged by Valdo Preema) (2:43) The Tallinn Chamber Ensemble

2. Nostalgia (3:54) Attila Publik

3. Clavichord (lyrics by Tarmo Urb) (4:03) Lizette Pålsson

4. Cold Heat (lyrics by Tarmo Urb) (3:37) Lizette Pålsson

5. Eagle’s Way (lyrics by Tarmo Urb) (4:22) Lizette Pålsson

6. Flight (lyrics by Tarmo Urb) (3:30) Lizette Pålsson

7. Don’t Make it Sad (lyrics by Tarmo Urb) (4:06) Lizette Pålsson

8. Too Late (lyrics by Tarmo Urb) (4:32) Lizette Pålsson

9. In the Flow of Music (4:23) Pär Lindh

10. Morningjoy (2:42) Pär Lindh

11. The Secret Power of Music (2:24) Renate

12. Flying Away (3:40) Urmas Alender

13. Will-o’-the-Wisp Joint composer A. Publik (3:17) Attila Publik

14. Red Evening Sky (4:08) Attila Publik